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Year of 2020 二零二零年

    1. HIV
    2. Useless Collage | part II

    3. Life Is Short
    4. I Love You

    5. Chinese Allegories

    6. OWL Company Campaign

⌈... to be continued 未完待续 ⌋

Year of 2019 二零一九年

  1. Age of News

  2. Art Collaboration

  3. A, B, C

  4. Touch

  5. Useless Collage | part I

  6. 25 years of ALLSAINTS

  7. 0, 0, 1, 1

  8. Twins from The Shining (1980)

  9. May Day Festival

University of Brighton ( 🇬🇧)

2019 Study Aboard ︎

  1. Project-1- Observation

  2. Project 2- Studio Antalis

  3. Project 3- Personal Project

  4. Make It Manufacturing

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Year of 2018 二零一八年

  1. Chinese Zodiac

  2. The Mirror Lover


  4. Lost Planet

  5. Village Impressions

  6. The Dirty Font

  7. LOVE

  8. The Dust-laden Time

  9. Promoted Poems

Nothing but codes... 编码…

︎ Running Tadpole

︎ Simple Game

︎ Finding The Smiling Face

︎ 33 Seconds

(*Home page posters)
20 Acts in 60 Minutes
January 2, 2018

One day, I listened to an episode
called 21 acts in 60 minutes from the podcast
This American Life. Collecting information and
make a series of posters.
The project was about observation
and design challenges.


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Project 2- Studio Antalis®

Antalis® are an international paper merchant. They are proud distributors of the Arjo Wiggins creative papers, including the newly rejuvenated Keaykolour range.

“Create a body of work using the Keaykolour range. The aim is to create promotional material that will help to communicate and promote the possibilities of the Antalis Keaykolour range. You will be given samples to work with and information about the range to help generate ideas during the briefing. Antalis are interested in work that could be securely sent via post to promote the Keaykolour range. Antalis are also looking for an abstract moving image piece that creates intrigue and excitement to help promote the range. This will be no longer than 30 seconds long and will be used to promote through their social media platforms. Your final outcome could be a book containing information, a documentary film, a set of posters or cards, an animation, a magazine or series of photographs of the range, the product being used in innovative ways.”

Very lucky, the process of making the second project has got strongly supported by Antalis. Antalis is the UK’s leading supplier of communication and packaging materials into the print, sign and display, office and publishing markets. So this assignment will be aimed at Analis’many bright colors and unique quality of paper. For this project, Antalis does not requiring specific design requirements, as long as it can show different colors range and paper stock, which gives designers more free space to play. I’ve had the idea of making a set of designs on the Chinese radicals for a long time, but I haven’t found the right opportunity. This time, I finally have the chance to achieve it. As an information card design, I hope to have an interesting way and lively color to convey some useful knowledge. For those who are beginning to learn or are learning Chinese, learning the radicals is an essential step. I hope this design of mine can make more people understand and find interested to learn Chinese. And thanks again for Antalis’ material support to all students.