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Year of 2020 二零二零年

    1. HIV
    2. Useless Collage | part II

    3. Life Is Short
    4. I Love You

    5. Chinese Allegories

    6. OWL Company Campaign

⌈... to be continued 未完待续 ⌋

Year of 2019 二零一九年

  1. Age of News

  2. Art Collaboration

  3. A, B, C

  4. Touch

  5. Useless Collage | part I

  6. 25 years of ALLSAINTS

  7. 0, 0, 1, 1

  8. Twins from The Shining (1980)

  9. May Day Festival

University of Brighton ( 🇬🇧)

2019 Study Aboard ︎

  1. Project-1- Observation

  2. Project 2- Studio Antalis

  3. Project 3- Personal Project

  4. Make It Manufacturing

︎ Peter Chadwick
︎ Simone Lia
︎ Rob Flowers
︎ Maria Midttun
︎ Aneel Kalsi

Year of 2018 二零一八年

  1. Chinese Zodiac

  2. The Mirror Lover


  4. Lost Planet

  5. Village Impressions

  6. The Dirty Font

  7. LOVE

  8. The Dust-laden Time

  9. Promoted Poems

Nothing but codes... 编码…

︎ Running Tadpole

︎ Simple Game

︎ Finding The Smiling Face

︎ 33 Seconds

(*Home page posters)
20 Acts in 60 Minutes
January 2, 2018

One day, I listened to an episode
called 21 acts in 60 minutes from the podcast
This American Life. Collecting information and
make a series of posters.
The project was about observation
and design challenges.


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Finding The Smiling Face

April 26, 2020

Looking at some of the one page 
experimental websites below we 
can quickly see that there is a whole 
world of potential creative 
expression available to us on the web 
far beyond portfolio, business card, 
and e-commerce websites. 

Now that you’ve gained many skills in 
HTML CSS and CSS Animations, I want you 
to create a concept driven single page 
website that’s expressive and outside 
the normative website vernacular. 
We will discuss using JS to extend your 
capabilities through event handlers and 
DOM manipulations.

My project is about “finding the happy face”. 
During this global pandemic, we have all experienced
so much pain, boredom and anxiety. Although we might
surrounded in many unhappy faces at the moment,
don’t forget to smile, and believe that everything will be
better tomorrow.

Core structure of this project is finding the “happy face” 
emoji out of ALL the “sad face” emojis. There might be
an option of counting down element, but I don’t think it’s
necessary to make it a “competition” or “game”.
Instead, maybe when you find happy face and click on it,
something happier might happened? As the core idea is
to remind people don’t forget that during this scary time,
happiness might seems hard to find, but it’s there. And it belongs to every brave hearts.

https://find-the-smiling-face.glitch.me/               ︎