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︎ AIGA: Command X 2021
︎ Day 1: Zoom
︎ Day 2: Climate Change

Logos 图标设计

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Year of 2020 二零二零年

    1. HIV
    2. Useless Collage | part II

    3. Life Is Short
    4. I Love You

    5. Chinese Allegories

    6. OWL Company Campaign

⌈... to be continued 未完待续 ⌋

Year of 2019 二零一九年

  1. Age of News

  2. Art Collaboration

  3. A, B, C

  4. Touch

  5. Useless Collage | part I

  6. 25 years of ALLSAINTS

  7. 0, 0, 1, 1

  8. Twins from The Shining (1980)

  9. May Day Festival

University of Brighton ( 🇬🇧)

2019 Study Aboard ︎

  1. Project-1- Observation

  2. Project 2- Studio Antalis

  3. Project 3- Personal Project

  4. Make It Manufacturing

︎ Peter Chadwick
︎ Simone Lia
︎ Rob Flowers
︎ Maria Midttun
︎ Aneel Kalsi

Year of 2018 二零一八年

  1. Chinese Zodiac

  2. The Mirror Lover


  4. Lost Planet

  5. Village Impressions

  6. The Dirty Font

  7. LOVE

  8. The Dust-laden Time

  9. Promoted Poems

Nothing but codes... 编码…

︎ Running Tadpole

︎ Simple Game

︎ Finding The Smiling Face

︎ 33 Seconds

(*Home page posters)
20 Acts in 60 Minutes
January 2, 2018

One day, I listened to an episode
called 21 acts in 60 minutes from the podcast
This American Life. Collecting information and
make a series of posters.
The project was about observation
and design challenges.


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Day 1: Zoom

Janurary 27, 2021

AIGA Design Command X National Design Competition- Day 1 brief: Design a new logo for Zoom.

My solution: Zoomie

The new Zoom logo remains Zoom blue only added much more fun. The character I created made with the “Z, O, O, M” 4 letters, I call it Zoomie! Zoomie can be any gender, any pronounce and anything you want it to be.

Zoomie can have many variations, user can decide what background color or image to use. Even add elements to make it more personal! Zoomie can be LGBT friendly, can be patriotic, and maybe Zoomie loves soccer game! It’s always more fun when you give it a personality.

When it comes to the company’s commercial package. Zoomie can be Pro Zoomie, Business Zoomie or Education Zoomie. Oh never forget my favorite meme Zoomie.

More customization, more personalized, Zoomie IS YOU!

As you noticed, my design solution for Zoom is not only makes new logo, but rather create a space and time for you to relax a little bit after a long conference meeting. Imagine if will be a Zoomie store on the website for you to fully explore the possibilities and order your Zoomie products.

Beyond the business time, Zoom can be much more approachable and can be more than just a rigid virtual office meeting platform.